Wednesday, September 27, 2006

nines and twelves


Flickr hits the quarterzone in numbers

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

flickr in space

-- from Space Explorer - (?)

via biz stone the question is how do you upload to flickr

mobile internet access

screen bright

Just tryed accessing engadget ? and worked perfectly : got to try does the same thing : cool stuff

Monday, September 25, 2006

high definition video


crunchgear is one source that reports about the lose of the camera to a break-in - more after the jump
the ultra high definition still precludes cinamatic footage due next week..

Sunday, September 10, 2006

nine 11 : stephen kosloff

-- from herman melville - (?)

There are 505 most interesting photos on flickr tagged september 11 2001..NYT

a wiki page


Some months ago I started this wiki page check link for other pages

Saturday, September 09, 2006

should by gustavog

-- from GustavoG - (?)

is pain stupid - to paint you have to go through pain?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

wells cargo tkn by O Caritas

-- from O Caritas - (?)

Tony Blair the uk prime minister has truly been in the commons silly season goes right over my head sounds like the really silly season [ladder day paints]

philip torrone burningman

-- from pt - (?)

..and yet another

philip a big speaker but not as big as this one :)
a recent flickr discussion on one of philip's old tricks

gov't paper uk

-- from Jose Viana - (?)

The register reports that hackers have attacked david milibands latest offering in a wiki page with character thoughts Responses to the question of "what tools can be used to deliver the environmental contract?" solicited the illuminating answer: "Spade, Organic Yoghurt Stirrer, Old washing up liquid bottle, Sticky Back Plastic."

Hackers suggested the correct tools to "create the right incentive frameworks" included a "Big stick" and an "Owl magnet".
I would'nt mind an untaxed owl magnet?

flickr #2

-- from Brenda Anderson - (?)

deliberateseredipity is trying to tag photos so as to be able to seperate subject photos in tag search pages - while I've been geotagging
some photos but with I can reference up to ten photos with this app all on one url but if I were to tag each selected map url I too could overcome this e.g. asides question

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

my movies [some]

cold lazarus 1996
karaoke 1996
being there 1979
the dancer 2000
half moon street 1986
the killing of sister george 1968
loophole 1981
sex: the annabel chong story 1999
a shock to the system 1990
the silent partner 1978
sweet november 1968

the razors edge 1946
the ten commandments 1956
the day the earth caught fire 1961
the greengage summer 1961
tom jones 1963
barefoot in the park 1967
cool hand luke 1967
candy 1968
wonderwall 1968
ballard cable hogue 1970
summer of '42 1971
soylent green 1973
picnic at hanging rock 1975
assault on precinct 13 1976
close encounters of the third kind 1977
the deep 1977
coma 1978
the shining 1980
gregorys girl 1981
blade runner 1982
the draughtsmans contract 1982
firefox 1982
night shift 1982
tron 1982
the world according to garp 1982
brainstorm 1983
war games 1983
indiana jones and the temple of doom 1984
after hours 1985
runaway train 1985
something wild 1986
someone to watch over me 1987
wall street 1987
frantic 1988
midnight run 1988
dangerous liasons 1988
12:01 PM 1990
GBH 1991
raising cain 1992
falling down 1993
short cuts 1993
the firm 1993
lipstick on your collar 1993
mad dog and glory 1993
disclosure 1994
four weddings and a funeral 1994
the last seduction 1994
leon 1994
hackers 1995
all that's fair 1995
breaking the waves 1996
fifth element 1997
meet joe black 1998
being john malkovich 1999
deep impact 1998
existenz 1999
eyes wide shut 1999
payback 1999
pushing tin 1999
fight club 1999
end of days 1999
final fantasy the spirits within 2001
gone in sixty seconds 2000
red planet 2000
the cell 2000
the luzhin defence 2000
AI 2001
the fast and furious 2001
amelie 2001
superstition 2001
the stickup 2001
the cooler 2003
lost in translation 2003
code 46 2003
it's all about love 2003
man on fire 2004
transporter ii 2005
the illusionist 2006

imdb [classified my favorites] imdb listing [classified my movies]

Monday, September 04, 2006


-- from Shogun and Journalist - (?)

Annie is one hot chick and I found a couple of mp3's

more at..

Saturday, September 02, 2006

flickr interestingness


My latest bookmarks for interestingness in flickr explore pages Bryan interviews the creator of the scout script recently

Friday, September 01, 2006